Cerulean City Gym & Misty!

Okay so if you chose Charmander, this is one of the most annoying battles you’ll probably face in the entire game.

The first Pokemon she dishes out is Staryu. It actually isn’t too shabby of a Pokemon, but if you have anything grass/electric it’ll take her down quite easily. Staryu won’t cause you much of any problems and should be taken down quite easily. The strategy I chose was to put the bastard to sleep and two quick confusion’s to knock it out completely.

The real pain starts and ends with Starmie. This guy has a whole lot of spunk, being half psychic only adds to more of the problem. Starmie knows Water Pulse, which has the chance to confuse you if hit. Charmeleon or Charmander normally will be virtually useless against Starmie by himself. Often only requiring to hit one Water Pulse depending on your level. I suggest if you didn’t start out with Bulbasaur or Squirtle, to go pick up a grass type just for this. Maybe an Oddish.

My Strategy was surrounded by luck. I sent out ButterFree and put Starmie to sleep first thing. I then switched out to Charmeleon and hit him with a total of three smokescreens before it woke back up. I then landed three Super Punch’s and took Starmie out. Being extremely lucky that he was asleep so long, and that all his Water Pulse’s missed.. I got the badge nonetheless. Regardless, I trained up before facing misty, and still found her to be a problem. I suggest some much needed training!

I’m off to Surge! Peace!

Ah you’re second required Trainer Battle!

The first Pokemon he sends out is arguably his best. Pidgeotto is a fast moving Pokemon that can be annoying with his sand-attack’s. Take him out quickly with a physical attack if you don’t have an electric move & he should go down rather easily.

Rattata hasn’t changed a bit, an easy KO, along with his newly found Abra, who can’t even attack. Both of these Pokemon should be easily disposed of.

Her Final Pokemon is an unevolved Squirtle. This thing really should stand no problem at this point in the game. Even if you only have a lone Charmeleon it will go down quite easily with some normal or physical attacks.

Abra evolves into Kadabra at level 16 then into Alakazam via trade.

Analysis: Meet the best Sweeper in the game. Abra is one tough cookie to train, the only way being to swap him in and out of battles, but as he evolves into Kadabra, he’s one tough cookie.

The real cake is his final evolution though. Alakazam boasts the best Special Attack in the game. He is without a doubt among the most elite Pokemon in the entire game, hell, even franchise. With a relentless movepool and a heft Special Attack stat barely anything can stand up against Alakazam’s Psychic attacks.

He is a superb addition to anyone’s team, as a Sweeper, and strictly that. For if something can muster the strength to stand against his Psychic attacks, Alakazam is a glass cannon. His defense are very low. His ability to Recover is useful in some situations, but his defense stat doesn’t really help all that well when it means trying to stay in battle.

Worthiness Level: 10/10.

Oddish evolves into Gloom at level 21 then into Vileplume via Leaf Stone.

Analysis: Good Ole’ Oddish. Lots of people really underestimate the abilities of this Pokemon and her evolution’s. What makes Oddish a valuable part of any team really isn’t her stats. They’re borderline average, what makes up for it is her incredible status inflictions and her amazing movepool.

Her final Evolution works really well as a tank with her decent defense, and recovery abilities. If you still need a tank thus far, pick her up!

Worthiness Level: 8/10.

Nidoran Male evolves into Nidorino at level 16 then into NidoKing Via Moon Stone.

Analysis: Sorry I’m cutting these things short, I just really wanna play the game. All right, Nidoran is a really pain to raise. His stats just aren’t up to par with the attacks he learns in the lower levels, he’s not really that too good of a Pokemon less his ability which allows to poison the foe on contact. When he reaches his final evolution however, he becomes a foe to be reckoned with. Gaining the ground status though, makes him more vulnerable to different attacks.

Nidoking is one of the strongest guys in the game if he’s trained correctly. Boasting himself as quite a formidable tank, he might just be an add-on to any team. With some pretty potent moves such as Earthquake, you might want to consider him on your team.

JigglyPuff evolves into Wigglytuff via Moon Stone.

Analysis: I’ll probably get a lot of criticism here, but JigglyPuff isn’t too bad of a Pokemon if you train her up well. She boasts around the same abilities as Clefairy minus the ability of Metronome, but with an attack like Sing.

She’s nothing really special, but is an okay addition to any team for a well balanced and versatile attacker.

Worthiness level: 6/10.

Clefairy evolves into Clefable via Moon Stone.

Analysis: Clefairy isn’t too bad of a Pokemon, and if you’re lucky enough to run into it during your visit in Mt. Moon, by all means catch one.

The thing about Clefairy is, she doesn’t have too bad of stats, but they’re nothing special. What really makes Clefairy stand out is her ability to learn just about every TM move out there, which can make her extremely versatile.

If you’re looking for just that on you’re team, she is by no means a wrong choice.

Worthiness Level: 7/10.

Ah Mt. Moon and all the Pokemon within it. This time around I’ll be covering the Pokemon that have been made available too you thus far. Here we go!

Zubat evolves into Golbat at level 22 and Golbat evolves into Crobat via Happiness.

Analysis: Zubat is a poison/flying type Pokemon and is somewhat different from the other Flying type Pokemon in this game. The thing about Zubat is it doesn’t boast a lot of worthy stats. Though the movepool you learn isn’t too shabby with moves like Air Cutter and the TM’s available too it, it doesn’t make too bad of a Pokemon once it evolves into it’s later evolutions. I’m not going to lie though, like most flying types in the game, Zubat doesn’t stand too long in a battle, and takes hits like a girl.

You won’t be on the battlefield long, but with moves that can deal status inflictions and a decent amount of damage, Zubat might be a choice for your team.

Worthiness Level: 6/10.

After traveling through Mt. Moon and battling the many trainers within, you will finally fight a scientist over a few fossils. Whichever fossil you choose will dictate which Pokemon you will be allowed to recreate later on. The Dome fossil which you see me choose here will allow me to have Kabuto. The Helix allows you to have Omnite.

After traveling through Mt. Moon and battling the many trainers within, you will finally fight a scientist over a few fossils. Whichever fossil you choose will dictate which Pokemon you will be allowed to recreate later on. The Dome fossil which you see me choose here will allow me to have Kabuto. The Helix allows you to have Omnite.

This place is full of headaches.

This place is full of headaches.